The Boniato studio positions itself as a committed communicator, creating audiovisual content for educational, ecological or social projects.



We provide creative and original videos for organizations with environmental, social and educational focus which are involved for a positive change all over the world. Boniato Studio, dedicates its time, talents and motivation to be part of this change and contribute to a better and fairer world.


Video is the most powerful mean of online communication. Today, all ideas and projects use online communication and choose to make videos as their key tool for communicating their messages. Live-action technique and animation are the best way to explain complicated concepts in a direct and memorable way.


We adapt our visual production in accordance with your communication objectives. If you haven’t defined your communication strategy yet, we can also offer our expertise to define your needs and objectives.





The scenario is the most important step in the creative process : What story to tell, and how to narrate it?
A successful project rely on a rock-solid, clear and engaging script. An idea can be expressed in various different ways; among others, in a serious, humorous or poetic way. Storytelling is where we put our most energy, imagination and motivation to pose the right tone to your video. It is our key ingredient to convey your messages in the best way possible.



We are particularly attentives to provide a content clear and pedagogical. Indeed, as a committed audiovisual studio, we are sensitive to the message that you transmit through our videos. It is really

important to us that the message to be sharp and attractive, easily accessible and comprehensible.


We adapt to your corporate identity, in order to follow your communication strategy or we define it together. We listen to your needs and understand your expectations following consistently the message you want to transmit. We consider each project to be unique and we treat it this way. The graphic design has a vital role in the transmission of each message because it stimulates directly the visual memory, which is our most efficient tool to share knowledge.


The animation gives life to the project! It needs a big part of creativity to express, with accuracy, a message sometimes complex.  Animation requires its soul-mate : The Audio, to make it gorgeous. Music and sound design are the spice that reveal the value of the cooked dish, without which, the best chef of the world won’t seduce your taste bud. That's why we give it a special importance.



We speak English, French and Spanish.
Leave us a message and let’s see together what we can do for you.

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