A European project aiming to facilitate access to prevention, protection and support for migrant women in Europe who are confronted with gender-based violence.

Migrant women face a continuum of gender violence. Among these, female genital mutilation, sexual violence, partner violence, marriage forced, human trafficking ... For each person, different needs.

On European soil, support services exist but are not always easy to access. There are many obstacles and in practice it is sometimes impossible to get help.

The goal of the ACCESS project is to improve the prevention, protection and support of migrant women in Europe facing different types of gender-based violence. The acronym "ACCESS" refers to the Appropriate Community-based Care and Empowering Support Services formula.

My body is my bond to the world. It allows me to feel things. Good, or bad.
I am the only one to know what makes me feel good. Who can approach me, touch me.

But sometimes, I have to endure unpleasant things.
Sometimes, when you keep obeying, you feel empty.

You try to forget what is being done to you.
You tell yourself: after all, I don’t have to decide.You don’t want to think…
You must show dignity. It is your role.



But what about me?


You are in this situation and it hurts you?
You want a way out?

Specialist services will support your fight for your own well-being.
You decide!

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A GAMS belgium co-production with The InkLink and Boniato Studio with the support of Fondation de France.


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