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Alaska to Hawaii : an epic journey

Since immemorial times, humpback whales have populated our seas and oceans. They travel tirelessly along the same roads which separate breeding from feeding areas by tens of thousands of kilometers. One particular group of humpback whale travel between Alaska to Hawaii, where they are considered by the aboriginal population as their ancestor returning.

These majestic animals are still endangered today and are at risk from ship collision, noise and plastic pollution. These are growing threats for all of the world’s whales and dolphins.

Keep informed, spread the word and take action when you can!

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Directed by

Rémi Cans

Production Assistant

Celine Heim

Executive Producers

Simon Arnold & Victoria Mardon


Marta Soszynska


Simon Arnold & Rémi Cans


Julie Bousquet & Dabid Pascual


Dabid Pascual

Sound Design

Fabien Bolzinger


Henri-Pierre Pellegrin


Chris Stewart

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