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How a song saved a species

In the 60’s, the commercial whale hunting caused the whale population to fall by an estimated 90% from what it used to be in the XIX century. The discovery of Roger Payne and his team, that whales are intelligent animals and who play a crucial role in maintaining the ocean healthy, contributed a to a creation of a global movement which led, years later, to a moratorium on industrial whaling.


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Roger Payne's NGO | Ocean Alliance Conservation


Design & Direction

Rémi Cans

Production Assistant

Celine Heim

Script Editors

Marta Soszynska, Victoria Mardon, Simon Arnold, Rémi Cans


Rémi Cans, Constance Tailleur


Pauline Champetier, Dabid Pascual

Voice over

Chris Stewart


Inés Mirás Vieites

Sound Design

Fabien Bolzinger

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